Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete this course? This online course takes no less than 6 hours to complete. Each page is timed, and will not allow the student to proceed without spending the required amount of time on the page.

Why do I have to call in to verify my identity? As required by the state, we are required to periodically verify the identity of the student taking the course. We use a third-party to verify your identity.

How many attempts do I get for the final exam? You will have 3 attempts at the final exam. If you do not pass the third attempt with a 70% or above, your program will be reset, and you will have to begin the program again.

Do I have to take an additional exam at the DPS after completing this course? No, this course IS your final exam, so all you will need to do is pass the driving portion to obtain your license.

How quickly will I get the certificate after completing the course? Upon completion, our system will trigger for shipping, so you will automatically be added to our shipping queue. Please expect 3-5 day delivery.


Easy Online Interface

This course is mandatory for adults under 25, but is available to any driver beyond the age of 25. If you are over 25 and are trying to obtain your license for the first time, we recommend Affordable Driver Ed's approved online course. Our course will take a total of 6 hours to complete. The course is designed to explain, in detail, Texas law regarding signs, signals and markings and to help you pass your final exam.

  • Passing your exam at the end of the course will enable you to bypass the same process at the DPS. Simply pass your exam, and we will mail your certificate right to your door step.

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    When you apply for your Texas Drivers license at the Department of Public Safety, you will be required to provide them the certificate that we will be mailing to your address on file.